Welcome to Ackberg Group, Spencer Rogers. We take pride in assisting our clients to find the best fit. We understand that finding the right person is essential to the happiness and performance of both employer and employee. Our vision is to make a difference with attentive placement and HR services. Since 2006 the team has proven itself as a valued recruiter and respected consultancy services. Our candidates have selected us for our strategic partnerships with leading and industry-specific Employers. We are excited about matching skills and experience and we are focused on values and a cultural fit. Our consultancy service focus on the business cycle to ensure talent identification and growth.


IndustryTypical position
Agriculture (Fruit, Wine & Grain)Packhouse Warehouse Production Manager, Capacity Planner, Audits, Winemaker, Viticulturist   
Food Science Food Scientist Production Quality Assurance  
ManagementGeneral Manager, CEO, MD, GM
FinanceSenior Junior Accountant, Debtor Creditor Admin
ITSystem Analyst
Health & Wellness (Somatology)Senior Junior Therapist 
HospitalityReceptionist, Housekeeping
Sales & MarketingSales KAM, Export, Domestic
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