Management Consulting

Leonard Van Den Berg our CEO is a Management Consultant with 30 years’ experience at executive management level; we focus on the development of a relevant Management Operating System. We access the current status and build from there, attentively we break it up in the season of your business and build a bespoke and relevant operational model with you.

Our main objectives being to provide the CEO and his team with a program to help them ensure:

  • The company focuses on the most important goals
  • All divisions and employees are aligned with these goals
  • We all work together as a single, winning team
  • We all continuously seek to find ways to improve our performance
  • We all deliver on our promises and are rewarded appropriately
  • We manage under-achievement
  • Forces us to set clear corporate goals and ensure that all employees’ targets are linked to these goals
  • Integrates all planning, execution and performance management activities
  • Encourages cross-functional challenge and improvement of our goals and plans
  • Directly links accountability to authority
  • Highlights good and poor performance
  • Directly links reward to actual performance