Career Coaching


Enthused by our success in the Recruitment industry and recognising a significant need for career advice amongst school-leavers and graduates, Spencer Rogers Recruitment Consultants participates in the development of job seekers, now offering CAREER COACHING. It is a challenging job market for many people who are without employment, as well as those who occupy jobs, but are not in their dream careers. Ours is a solution-oriented approach offering honesty, empathy, insight, encouragement and identifying concerns that may be impeding career goals. We assist with formulating steps to achieve career objectives, by integrating the five elements APTITUDE, SKILL, STUDY, PERSONALITY and INTEREST.

Our Coaching Team possess practical business expertise, a solid understanding of organisational dynamics, recruitment management and qualifications including:

• BA Degree in Psychology
• Trained Facilitator
• Skilled Colour-psychology Analyst
• Human Resources Development

We are dedicated to continually keeping abreast of the newest practical and theoretical trends in coaching proficiency and imparting our career knowledge gained from a combined 84 years of working experience. We are excited to meet you and assist with your Career Coaching.