Compliance Solutions

  1. Skills Development:
    • (Ensure that the organization has a Training Policy in place.
    • Ensure that the development and implementation of the WSP is aligned to the strategic Mission and Vision and long-term transformation objectives of the organization.
  2. SETA:
    • Register as an appointed SDF on behalf of the client and liaise directly with the SETA.
    • Complete and submit the Annual Training Report and the Workplace Skills Plan in accordance to SETA policies.
    • Consult with the Designated Manager to analyse the company’s Skills Plan.
  3. Employment Equity:
    • The purpose of this Employment Equity Committee Guide is to assist the employer with the compliance documentation which the Department of Labour will expect with regards to an Employment Equity Committee. This documentation will provide the employer with a means to set up a Committee and assist the employer with Committee meetings via draft agendas and meetings for the first year of the Employment Equity Plan.
  4. Employment Equity Plan:
    • Consult with the Human Resources Manager to analyse Employment data.
    • Advise on objectives for each year of the plan.
    • Advise on barriers and affirmative action measures.
    • Advise on numerical goals and targets.
    • Prepare and submit EEA2 & EEA4 to the Department of Labour.
    • Assist in completing the EEA13 template (EE Plan).
Continuous Facilitation of your Skills Development Function


  • Skills Development
  • SETA registration & statuary skills reposting
  • Employment equity guide
  • Employment equity plan
  • Reporting
  • Learnership Administration,
  • Skills Audit
  • Succession Planning / Recruitment

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